Aranui residents urged to check security footage following “disturbing” death of much loved dog

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 28, 2023 |

Photo: Supplied

Residents in Aranui are being urged to check security footage to help an investigation into the death of a much-loved dog.

On Tuesday, Polar was found approximately 50 metres off Breezes Road, near the intersection with Pages Roads in a carpark.

He had suffered a traumatic injury caused by a sharp object that penetrated his abdomen, resulting in blood loss and his eventual death.

Photo: Supplied

The object in question is estimated to be at least 10cm long and 20mm wide.

Inspector Sam Cains on Wednesday afternoon said the SPCA was asking residents who live near Breezes and Pages Roads who have CCTV on their properties to check their cameras between the times of 5.30am and 7.30am on Tuesday morning.

“This will assist us with piecing together Polar’s movements and any suspicious activity.

Some residents have already sent us footage that shows Polar walking down the road, but we’d be grateful for anything further. If you have any information, please email Inspector Haylie Tewnion, [email protected].”

Cains said “we’d like to thank members of the public for the information they have sent in on Polar so far.” 

Owner Chris Purcell said Polar ‘was a big gentle giant who went everywhere with me to work. He loved the beach, going four wheel driving up to Doc huts. He lived the life inside on his couch.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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