Slight gain for Labour in latest political poll

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 16, 2022 |

A Taxpayers’ Union-Curia Poll

A Taxpayers’ Union-Curia Poll shows an overall gain for the Labour/Green centre-left parties at the expense of the National/ACT centre-right bloc.

Applying the results to seats Parliament, neither has the 61 seats required to govern without the Māori Party.

Support for the governing Labour Party has risen 0.5 points to 35.2%, while the opposition National Party has dropped 3 points to 34.0%.

ACT has risen 0.5 points to 10.5%.

The Greens have risen 1 point to 9.5%. No other parties reach the 5% threshold.

Te Pāti Māori has dropped 0.2 points to 3.5%.

For the fourth consecutive month in the Taxpayers’ Union Curia Poll, the Centre-Right bloc is ahead of the Centre-Left.

However, the Centre-Right no longer has enough seats to govern without the support of Te Pāti Māori.

This puts Te Pāti Māori in the position of King/ Queen maker with whichever coalition they choose becoming Government. This assumes all electorate seats are held.

Support for Jacinda Ardern as preferred Prime Minister has dropped by 0.7 points to 39.5%.

Luxon’s slide continues from 28% in June 2022 to 22.4% last month and this month a drop of a further 2.9 points takes him to 19.5%.

David Seymour has risen 1.8 points to 7.7% and Winston Peters has almost doubled his support going from 2.3% to 4.2% (+1.9).

In terms of what issues respondents identify as their major voting issue, COVID-19 continues to fade in importance. Focus on the cost of living has also eased off.

The Taxpayers’ Union Curia Poll was conducted from Wednesday 3 August to Thursday 11 August 2022. The median response was collected on Sunday 07 August 2022. The sample size was 1,200 eligible New Zealand voters 800 by phone and 400 by online panel.

The sample selection for the phone panel is from those who are contactable on a landline or mobile phone selected at random from 20,000 nationwide phone numbers.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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