Shocking footage of Christchurch school attack

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 09, 2022 |

Cell phone footage has emerged of a violent attack at a Christchurch school.

A family member of a Hilmorton High School student sent the video of the attack to Chris Lynch Media.

It shows a 14-year-old girl sitting down against a wall, being antagonised by another girl about the same age who is standing over her telling her to “get the f*** up.”

One pupil encourages the girl to “punch her.” The assault happened on Wednesday on the school grounds.

Screen shot of assault

The victim is surrounded by a group of girls and boys who are laughing while a student films the incident on her cell phone.

The girl sitting down refuses to get up, so the girl standing over begins to “soft” kick her at first.

The victim tries to defend herself by grabbing the girl’s leg, who then trips over and begins to punch the girl, with much more force – in the head. She also kicks the girl.

Another student joins in and attacks the victim, kicking her, and punching her multiple times in the head.

The family member said the girl was a “bad state.”

“She doesn’t want to go to school anymore. Schools should be a safe place, but I don’t think the school really cares. They said they will look into it and punish the kids with a detention or suspension.”

Hilmorton High school Principal Ann Brokenshire confirmed the Chris Lynch Media that there was an assault on a student on the school grounds on Wednesday.

“The school has involved the police, and will also be taking serious disciplinary action.”

A police spokesman said police received a report yesterday evening of an assault that had happened at the school that afternoon involving students.

“Police have spoken with the victim and her mother, and are assessing any potential next steps to take.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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