“Absolutely disgusted children stood there watching” Family speaks out over disturbing school assault

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 11, 2022 |

The mother and aunt of a 14-year-old girl assaulted in a horrific Christchurch school attack have spoken about the assault.

A video shows the girl sitting down against a wall, being antagonised by another girl the same age who is standing over her telling her to “get the f*** up.”

The assault happened on Wednesday at Hilmorton High School.

The girl is surrounded by a group of pupils who are laughing while a student films her being punched in the head by two other girls, as well as being kicked.

Mother thanks the community for kind words

Her mother said the school was “definitely taking things seriously.

I can’t go into much detail, but they are pushing for changes, and some of the kids have been stood down for filming and sharing the video, with some serious consequences.”

The Ministry Of Education was in regular contact with the police. Some arrests have been made and charges filed she said.

“Thank you so much for everyone’s kind words. My daughter is very quiet about how she is feeling. She says it doesn’t bother her, but it’s obvious she is hurting inside, much love thank you all again.”

The girl’s aunty said she was “absolutely disgusted that all of those children stood there and watched this happen.

The education about how dangerous a punch to the head can be is really lacking in today’s youth. I hope the system pulls through with serious consequences for those involved, even if they are underage.”

She said “if the cycle is not broken, we are going to lose our younger generation to mental health and our suicide rates are already high. The government needs to pull finger and educate these children and teach them empathy.”

School Principal emailed parents

Hilmorton High School Principal Ann Brokenshire emailed parents on Thursday after Chris Lynch Media published an article on the assault.

“Sadly, we had an incident yesterday where a student was assaulted in the school grounds. We have involved the police and we are also taking serious disciplinary action.

I ask that you take this opportunity to talk with your children about how gathering to watch actually escalates such matters giving an audience.

Students who record such incidents on their phones or post these on social media could also face disciplinary action.”

Brokenshire said “we work hard to ensure the school is a safe place for everyone. These behaviours reflect a societal issue and I will be raising this with my principal colleagues across the city to discuss how we can all be part of a solution.

 I must add that the vast majority of students at our school are outstanding citizens” Brokenshire said.

Screen shot of assault

A police spokesman said police received a report on Wednesday night of an assault that had happened at the school that afternoon involving students.

“Police have spoken with the victim and her mother, and are assessing any potential next steps to take.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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