Shirley store raided by 12 youths in shocking CCTV footage

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 27, 2023 |

Another Christchurch retailer is in clean-up mode after a group of 12 youths ramraided a store in Shirley.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the offenders believed to be 14 to 16 years of age raiding Vapelogy in Shirley.

They used a vehicle to smash into the store, reversing multiple times before smashing through the doors.

Operation Manager Shea told Chris Lynch Media the incident happened just after 3AM on Sunday.

“I was woken by a phone call from security at 8AM and told the store was raided.

I couldn’t quite believe it. I used a lot of swear words. It’s pretty upsetting to be honest.”

Shea said he was still counting the loss of stock and damage, but the raid had cost at least $15,000.

“We’ve seen this happening all the time across Christchurch, and the lack of consequences for these people is so frustrating.”

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“There are no consequences for their actions, so there is nothing to stop them from doing it again and again.”

Shea said police told him they know who the offenders were, but there was nothing they could do because of their age.

“It’s a real problem. The Government needs to create policies that create consequences.

These young people need help. They have no support at home, they’re not being educated properly” he said

Shop owner Karina said staff were devastated.

“We can’t open for business. So that is a great loss of income, on top of the loss of stock from the break-in, and we need to be able to pay our amazing staff. 

Building companies are so busy, we’ve not heard back from any of the companies we’ve contacted to install doors so we can open again.”

“We are very grateful for the outpouring of support we have heard from our customers,” Karina said.

“It isn’t just a business making an insurance claim. We have had to cut staff hours back.

Police have been approached for comment.

They use a vehicle to smash into the store, reversing multiple times before smashing through the doors.


Christchurch police are also investigating two separate raids across Christchurch overnight.

In the first incident, youths smashed the front door and windows of Noel Leeming on Langdons Road.

An early morning worker witnessed the attack.

“I was pulling into the Northlink car park, arriving for work at 4.30 AM, when I saw a car parked in front of Noel Lemmings.”

Three individuals emerged and rushed towards the front of the store, each clutching what appeared to be pillowcases.

The eyewitness immediately began taking photographs, but the perpetrators hastily jumped into their vehicle and sped away from the scene, nearly colliding with a security car as they departed.

The eyewitness said a co-worker at the Z station on Harewood Road saw a car speeding past, pursued by two police vehicles.

A police spokeswoman confirmed, “group of people smashed the front door of commercial premises and police were making inquiries to determine if anything was taken.”

Five youths were arrested for dishonesty offending and more charges were pending.

In another attack, police were called at 4.45 AM to Liquorland in the Bishopdale Village Mall after youths smashed their way inside the store.

The store manager told Chris Lynch Media the offenders were wearing hoodies, masks and gloves, and one of them appeared “very small.”

CCTV footage shows them smashing their way into the store with an axe.

The manager said “windows were damaged, along with security gates placed inside the windows.

The youths stole bottles of liquor and left some outside the store.

She said police arrived shortly after she arrived at the store and forensics returned later this morning.

The police spokeswoman said it was still unclear if both incidents were related.  

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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