“Severe risk of imminent danger to the public” Roads in Fairlie closed to public

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 23, 2023 |

An urgent warning has been issued for residents in Fairlie following Monday’s fire.

The fire caused extensive damage to a property on the corner of Riddle Street and Talbot St in Fairlie.

A council spokesperson said the property contains asbestos which was also damaged in the fire.

“Asbestos is a proven human carcinogen, and all forms of asbestos can cause cancer.

“The main way people are exposed to asbestos is by breathing in air that contains asbestos fibres.”

The spokesperson said high winds experienced this afternoon stirred up the residue from the fire, and more wind is forecast overnight.

“Because of this severe risk of imminent danger to the public we are closing an area based on Riddle Street, Talbot Street at the junction with Main Street, the children’s playground and the public toilets.

“This is an initial precautionary response as we work to gather more information on the extent and severity of the problem.

“We have a team analysing information and risk, and as this is a fast-moving situation the cordon may be extended in the coming hours if needed for health and safety reasons.

“We ask everyone to stay away from the cordoned area.

Council has activated their Emergency Operations Centre and is actively managing the situation.“

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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