Several police cars attend Marshland Road incident

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 08, 2023 |

Supplied by eyewitness.

Marshland Road, near the corner of Mairehau Road, in Christchurch, is down to one lane with a situation unfolding on a grass berm.

An eyewitness told Chris Lynch Media there are six police cars – both marked and unmarked, in attendance with people on the grass verge with their hands behind their backs.

Another eyewitness reported “It’s bad. A guy is on the ground outside the vehicle.”

A NZ Police spokesperson said police stopped a vehicle on Marshland Road which had previously fled from police on a separate occasion.

“The vehicle pulled over without incident and has been impounded. The road is down to one lane while a tow is arranged. Enquiries are ongoing to determine who the driver of the vehicle was at the time it fled from police. Motorists are advised to expect some delays in the area,” police said.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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