Person seriously injured during assault in Cashel Mall

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 18, 2022 |

A person has been seriously assaulted in Cashel Mall this evening.

A Police spokeswoman said they were notified of an assault on Cashel Street at 6.20pm.

A person has been transported to hospital in a serious condition.

Multiple police officers are at the scene, including a small block away on corner of Colombo and Hereford Streets an eyewitness said.

Police cordons have been placed at the Colombo Street entrance to Cashel Mall.

It’s understood the victim was chased before being attacked.

At 8.50pm, Police confirmed to Chris Lynch Media that no arrests have been made

Shopper Craig Ashby said police officers were interviewing witnesses outside Ballantynes department store.

He said shoppers near the scene looked shocked at what took place.

Police are expected to release more details tonight.

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Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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