School children robbed at Jellie Park, bikes stolen

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 04, 2022 |

Police are investigating after year 8 school children were attacked at Jellie Park.

An email sent to parents on Thursday by Cobham Intermediate Principal Eddie Norgate said “unfortunately, earlier this week, Year 8 students from a neighbouring school were attacked at Jellie Park.

“The culprits used intimidation and violence to take bikes. The incident mirrored earlier events at the beginning of the year.”

Norgate said “during assembly, I will remind students about taking care when moving through Jellie Park.”

He said “today staff have also reminded students about the following: Don’t assemble at the skate park, move through Jellie Park swiftly and, where possible, in groups, keep phones and devices out of sight when transitioning through the park.

Norgate urged parents to reinforce those messages with children at home.

A police spokesperson confirmed to Chris Lynch Media, that there was an incident at Jellie Park where two boys were threatened and had their bikes taken.

 Police acted quickly and recovered the bikes and returned them to the victims. 

 We have identified those involved and are following up on this” the police spokesperson said.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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