Sawn-off shotgun used in aggravated robbery in Bromley

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 19, 2022 |

CCTV footage shows offender holding gun

A sawn-off shotgun was used in an aggravated robbery in Bromley.

The armed hold-up happened at Affordable Storage on Dyers Road, just after 4pm on Friday.

Staff member Morgan Williams told Chris Lynch he was alone in the office when he saw a white late model Toyota Camry pull up and stop across the driveway.

“I thought straight away that’s unusual. And then a young guy got out with a hood over his head wearing a surgical mask. He also had a cap on under his hoodie.

He walked into the office and got a sawn-off shotgun out of a black supermarket bag and told me to “shut the f**k up” and give him cash.

The gun was a pretty rough-looking thing, wrapped in duct tape.”

Williams said he handed over a bundle of notes, about $200 to the offender, who looked like he was in his 20s.

“But he said he wanted the till, which we don’t have. So I reached into the drawer, got out a plastic tray that we keep coins in, and pulled that out.

He wasn’t interested and ran back to the car, where a getaway driver was waiting.

“The incident was less than a minute and it was probably a bit of a disappointing robbery for him because most of our customers pay us electronically.”

Police arrived soon after and photographed the scene and took fingerprints.

Police told Williams after the incident the offending car nearly wiped out a motorbike travelling in the opposite direction.

Williams said a person who was outside the office when the incident took place saw the same car acting suspiciously in the area earlier in the afternoon.

A police spokeswoman said police released a statement on Friday.

“A man entered the premises, demanded cash and then fled in a vehicle that was later identified as being stolen.

Police are yet to locate the offender, enquiries are ongoing.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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