Saltwater Creek, estuary still closed after factory wastewater spill

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 08, 2023 |

Hazardous discharge in Saltwater Creek. Environment Canterbury Facebook.

Restrictions are still in place on Saltwater Creek, North Canterbury, as the effects of factory discharge into the waterways continue.

Environment Canterbury have said that people and animals must avoid contact with the water in Saltwater Creek and the wider Saltwater Creek and Ashley/Rakahuri estuary, after a large wastewater discharge from a factory east of the Ashley township.

In a post to their Facebook page, ECAN said, “It’s very important that you do not consume fish, whitebait or shellfish from the area. We are continuing to work on a clean-up plan to collect dead fish, although many are being washed out to sea.”

“We are still waiting for key test results from our water sampling. The laboratory we’re working with has indicated these may not be ready until next week at the earliest. We appreciate this may be frustrating, but public health remains the priority,” the post said.

The investigation into how the incident occurred is ongoing.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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