Popular Halswell restaurant ram-raided by youths using stolen car

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 19, 2022 |

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A popular restaurant in Halswell has been targeted in another ram-raid by youths early this morning.

It follows the shocking ram-raid at a store in Addington on Thursday morning, reported by Chris Lynch Media.

Three criminals used a vehicle to smash their way into Indian Roots on Hamill Road at about 4AM.

Owner Ron Bhogal told Chris Lynch he closed the restaurant at 10.30 PM and was woken by a phone call from a security guard.

“My wife answered her phone, as mine was on silent. I turned on the security video app and saw three offenders jumping over the bar and stealing many bottles of alcohol.”

Criminals jump over bar and steal bottles of alcohol 

Ron said his immediate priority was to calm his wife who is pregnant.

He said the youths used a stolen car to smash their way into the restaurant. CCTV footage shows a vehicle hitting the windows three times before the offenders smashed their way in using metal bars.

“They looked like really young lads, and they came prepared with gloves and masks. They knew what they were doing.”

Ron said as they were leaving the restaurant, they kept dropping and smashing expensive bottles of alcohol.

“They smashed three bottles outside, and made several trips back and forward stealing as much as they could.”

Ron said “one of the offenders smashed and broke the entire till system, and was encouraged by the others to rip out the cash till which he did.”

Criminal stealing bottles of alcohol 

Security called police but he was told there was no one available, and they would get back to him.

“We waited until about 6.30 AM and when the police didn’t show, we left and went home again.”

“Police eventually visited the restaurant after 8 AM, but their whole approach seemed laid back,” Ron said.

“I was given the impression they probably knew who the offenders were but couldn’t do much because of their age.”

Ron said people in Christchurch needed to know what was happening in their community, as this type of crime was happening far too much.

Criminal steals entire cash till

In September, a stolen car was used to raid the next-door ‘On the Spot’ Longhurst Dairy.

There have been at least 6 other similar attacks in the area in recent months.

Can you help catch these offenders? watch video:

A police spokesman said “enquiries are underway to determine the circumstances of a burglary of a commercial premises on Hamil Road, Halswell, reported to Police shortly after 4am.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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