Police urge motorists to take care as road toll climbs

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 01, 2023 |


Police are urging motorists to take care and drive safely as they head home from their holidays this year.

So far this holiday period there have provisionally been 14 deaths and a number of people seriously injured on our roads, which Assistant Commissioner Bruce O’Brien says is completely unacceptable and a tragic reminder of the realities of road crashes.

“That’s 14 people who leave grieving loved ones behind at what is supposed to be a happy and relaxing time of year.

“Our thoughts go out to those people who are dealing with the very worst of circumstances.”

Police’s plea to people getting on the roads for the remainder of the holiday period is simple – we want you, your family and friends to get home alive. 

That means buckling up, not driving impaired or fatigued, staying within the speed limit, and putting any distractions like your phone away.

“But we also need people to be patient,” says Assistant Commissioner O’Brien.

“There will be high volumes of traffic on the roads and delays will be inevitable at peak times.

“Please, stay calm – treat the people in the cars around you like they’re your own family.

“You could also consider delaying your departure or taking a few extra stops along the way – make the most of summer and get home safely.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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