Repeat Offender Convicted for Illegal Fishing at Tekapo Canal

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 18, 2024 |
Central South Island Fish & Game have successfully prosecuted an angler who flouted the law while fishing at the Tekapo Canal near Twizel in December 2023.

Ngametua Terekia of Ashburton appeared in the Timaru District Court on  May 22 2024 and plead guilty to a charge of fishing in an unauthorised manner, namely using a portion of fish as bait.

Terekia was convicted and ordered to pay a total of $500 in fines and costs.

Terekia had previously been processed by Central South Island Fish & Game in 2016 for the same ‘unauthorised bait’ offence.

In addition, Terekia had been previously processed by Central South Island Fish & Game for the offences of using more than one rod, in 2016, and fishing without a licence, in 2015.

Central South Island Compliance Coordinator Hamish Stevens said, “This successful prosecution serves as a deterrent to those anglers considering breaching the rules, in that they may risk significant fines and a criminal conviction.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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