Ram raids up 77 per cent since Chris Hipkins became PM – National

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 31, 2023 |

Ram raids are up 77 per cent since Chris Hipkins became the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

National’s Police spokesperson Mark Mitchell said the Police Minister today confirmed the data today.

 “After 68 ram raids were recorded in April, Police Minister Ginny Anderson told Parliament today that ‘we’ve seen an increase in 10 from last month to this month.”

Mitchell said “that means ram raids have surged by 77 per cent since Chris Hipkins took over as Prime Minister and tried to proclaim that his Government was getting on top of the problem. This data clearly contradicts Mr Hipkins’ claims.

“The Prime Minister also said today that ‘New Zealanders feel safer under a government that has added 1,800 police officers’.

“He didn’t say that this target was achieved three years later than promised and that violent crime is up 33 per cent, knife crime is up 20 per cent, and gang membership has increased by 66 per cent.

“Labour’s soft-on-crime approach is devastating to countless New Zealanders’ lives.

“Not only are Kiwis feeling less safe, but this increase in crime is hurting the economy and making life tougher for all New Zealanders trying to navigate Labour’s cost of living crisis.

“When retail stores are paying higher insurance premiums and are too scared to invest in their businesses because they are almost expecting to be ram-raided, that is hurting New Zealand’s productivity.

“Sadly, this has become a reality under this soft-on-crime Government. Labour’s only target in law-and-order has been to reduce the prison population by 30 per cent.

“National has released a comprehensive policy to tackle the tsunami of retail offending largely driven by youths.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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