Rain continues to fall in Christchurch but threat of flooding has eased

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 15, 2021 |

Avon River last night

Rain will continue to fall across Christchurch and Banks Peninsula but the threat of flooding has eased.

Council’s Head of Three Waters Helen Beaumont says about 75mm of rain has fallen in city the over the last 24 hours, with coastal suburbs receiving slightly more.

Heavier falls have also been recorded in Banks Peninsula – 81mm in Akaroa and 97mm in Duvauchelles.

The Avon and Heathcote Rivers spilled out of their banks in a number of places and many smaller waterways overflowed across roads and properties.

 Fire and Emergency New Zealand did help a few houses in Le Bons Bay to evacuate last night after a stream burst its banks.

However, the Council has received no reports yet of any houses in the city flooding above floor level.

Ms Beaumont said the city was well prepared with key stormwater grates checked and cleared, beach outfall dugs out and pumps placed in a number of locations.

The stormwater storage basins in the upper Heathcote catchment are only partially full and the water will be released slowly over the next couple of days.

 There are a number of road closures in place in Christchurch city and Banks Peninsula this morning because of flooding or slips.

“There have been some wastewater overflows as a result of the heavy rain so we are advising that people treat any floodwater they come into contact with as potentially contaminated.’’ 

Ms Beaumont says the Council was asking residents last night to avoid flushing toilets, taking showers or use their washing machines because the wasterwater system was under pressure.

“Our message this morning is that it is fine to use the bathroom as normal and to do your washing.’’

Thursday morning road closures

  • River Road, from Medway Street to Banks Avenue.

  • Avonside Drive, from Linwood Avenue to Stanmore Road.

  • Oxford Terrace, from Kilmore Street to Willow Street.

  • Marlow Road, from Pages Road to Rowses Road.

  • Breezes Road, from Eglington Street to Niven Street.

  • Roswes Road, from Esk Place to Guernsey Street.

  • Maces Road, from Ruru Road to Wickham Street.

  • Avondale Road, from New Brighton Road to Niven Street.

  • Newport Street, from Wainoni Road to Emlyn Street.

  • Avonside Drive, from Wainoni Road to Emlyn Street.

  • Carrick Street, from Aylesford St to Flockton Street.

  • Thornton Street, from Flockton Street to Aylesford Street.

  • Harrison Street, from Thornton Street to Aylesford Street.

  • Clarendon Terrace, from Opawa Road to Sullivan Avenue

  • Hunter Terrace, from Malcolm Avenue to the end.

  • Waimea Terrace, from Malcolm Avenue to Colombo Street.

  • Earnlea Terrace, from Colombo Street to the end.

  • Eastern Terrace, from Sandwich Road to Tennyson Street.

Banks Peninsula

  • Long Bay Road, from Paua Bay, is closed due to slips.

  • Le Bons Bay Road, from Le Bons Bay Valley Road is closed due to flooding.

  • Goughs Road, from Long Bay Road, is closed due to slips.

  • Little Akaloa Road is closed due to flooding.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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