“Violating and sickening” Burwood residents to hold meeting over escalating crime

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 18, 2023 |

A public meeting will be held in Burwood tonight to address residents’ concerns over increasing crime.

A local told Chris Lynch Media she had her Toyota Aqua stolen at 12.44am last Thursday night despite having security cameras & lights.

“We have footage of one of the kids sneaking around the other side of the car so he was hidden from the camera to break a window.”

At least 15 other cars were broken into on the same night.

The resident said “It’s been a massive problem since November last year.”

”I’m part of Burwood and Aranui groups and every single day there are multiple break-ins and car thefts.”

She said four police cars caught the perpetrators who stole her car an hour later, after a chasing them and using road spikes on Bassett Street so they were forced to stop.

The offenders were 11 and 14 and known to the police and live in New Brighton.

“We’ve been in Travis Country for 16 years and never had any trouble before.

“The offenders had specialist gear to steal cars and knew exactly what they are doing.

She said police are trying all they can to stop these children, but the parents don’t care.

“My husband was called to Bassett Street where the children were stopped.”

The 11 year old offender was taken home to his grandmother’s house because his parents “can’t handle him.”

“Our car may be written off due to the damage to the tyres, dash & ignition.

“They did it simply for fun. But it’s not fun for us having to pay another $500 excess and have the inconvenience of no car while it’s being assessed It’s violating and sickening.”

The Burwood East Residents Association is holding a meeting at the Scout Hall on Travis Road 7pm.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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