Protestor who threw tomato juice charged with assault

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 30, 2023 |

The protestor who threw tomato juice at Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, a controversial British speaker, during her Auckland rally has been charged with assault.

Police confirmed in a statement that the accused, believed to be activist Eli Rubashkyn, has been summoned to appear in the Auckland District Court on a single charge of common assault.

Rubashkyn, who tweeted “I love being a fugitive” had been informed by the police that a warrant was likely to be filed in the Auckland District Court by 3 pm yesterday, but the police denied this after Rubashkyn had already left for Australia.

According to Rubashkyn’s Twitter account, Rubashkyn was currently en route to New York and did not plan to return to New Zealand for some time.

Speaking to the Stuff website earlier from Australia, Rubashkyn said she admits the assault and doesn’t regret it.

“I did assault her and I will do it again,” she said. “And if I need to be 10 years in prison I’m happy to be 10 years in prison.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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