Principals rejected a Ministry of Education offer

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 28, 2022 |

Primary and area school principals from across New Zealand have rejected a Ministry of Education offer to settle their collective employment agreements.

The ballot closed on Sunday night following three days of union meetings for NZEI principal members last week.

It follows a decision by primary and area school teachers to also reject the offers made on behalf of the Government and to ask the Ministry to re-enter negotiations for a better agreement.

NZEI President Liam Rutherford said it was pretty clear that principals were frustrated with what the Ministry offered.

“It did little to fix any of the unresolved issues that principals have around work demands and allowing them the time to be education leaders. Many members expressed feelings that the Government does not seem to be listening or taking these issues seriously. But it’s not restricted to us – look at the health sector and other areas of public service.”

Rutherford said principals were on the front line of the pandemic and the Government needs to recognise the stress they have been placed under for the past three years.

“That was on top of years of cumulative stress that has built up because of the under investment in education and a seeming lack of will to fix the system. That’s why they think that the time is right for the Government to take action now.

Rutherford said that principals had also discussed and voted on plans for further action this term and in the new year if the Government does not improve their offers following further negotiations.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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