Power pole fire in Christchurch tonight “suspicious”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 09, 2023 |

Power pole sparking before catching fire. Video: Megan Lidgett

Christchurch police are investigating a power pole fire in Christchurch tonight.

Fire and Emergency services were called to Marlborough Street in Phillipstown just before 8PM after reports of the pole sparking, before being fully engulfed by flames.

In several videos sent to Chris Lynch Media, the power pole is sparking, and smoking, before the length of the pole catches fire.

The incident followed a request from police earlier this week appealing to the public to report suspicious activity around power poles and lines in their community.

Police said Canterbury power company Orion was experiencing an increase in people intentionally tampering with its network throughout the region.

A police spokeswoman told Chris Lynch Media tonight Fire and Emergency crews told police tonight’s fire was suspicious and requested that police attend.

It’s not clear if the incident is linked to tampering following police’s earlier appeal this week.  

Watch video of power pole on fire. Video Cruz Marlon

Watch video of power pole sparking. Video Cruz Marlon

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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