Police return to house at the centre of a shooting, “extremely dangerous man” still on the run

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 13, 2022 |

Police were back at the Christchurch property where a man was shot last month.

Locals told Chris Lynch officers arrived at the property on Hereford Street early Wednesday morning.

They were examining the property inside and around the house.

A large police truck was stationed outside, and several police officers were watching from the opposite side of the street.

A police spokeswoman said police were carrying out a search warrant, but couldn’t comment further as it was an ongoing operational matter.

Police are still searching for a man they’ve described as “extremely dangerous” as they continue their investigation into a shooting.

Hendrix Rawiri Jury, 27, has a warrant for his arrest in relation to the shooting.

Jury managed to catch a domestic flight out of the city after the shooting and is now hiding out in the North Island.

He was not wanted by police when he caught the flight.

Police are asking for the public’s help to locate him, but warn he’s “extremely dangerous” and should not be approached.

Anyone who sees him or knows where he is should immediately call 111.

Police have executed a number of search warrants in the days since and enquiries have indicated the shooting was not random.

Anyone with information is urged to call police on 105, quoting file number 220830/8157.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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