Police name fourth victim of horror Lake Pukaki crash

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 04, 2024 |

Police have named the fourth victim of a fatal crash on State Highway 8, Lake Pukaki on Saturday.

He was 85-year-old Gavin James William Beere of Christchurch.

Other victims were 21-year-old Megat Ashman Aqif Megat Irman Jefni, 20-year-old Wan Adlina Alisa, 20, of Christchurch and 71 year old Phillip Wayne Woodham of Ashburton.

In a short statement police said “we extend our condolences to their family and friends at this difficult time.

The crash involved two vehicles and a motorcycle and happened between Hayman Road and Tekapo Canal Road. 

“Enquiries into the circumstances of the crash are ongoing” the police spokesman said.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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