It’s devastating, our sweet girl is a mess” police investigate separate attack day after assault at same school

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 13, 2022 |

NOTE: Chris Lynch Media has received similar stories of assaults at other schools, which will be followed up, on behalf of parents and children affected, who have spoken of the devastating impacts assaults have had on them. There are ongoing editorial discussions about publishing violent video content, and where possible permission is obtained by parents before publication. Chris Lynch Media will continue to highlight violent offending in the community.

Christchurch police are investigating a separate attack at Hilmorton High, the day after another vicious assault at the school.

Last Thursday, a girl, who was not a pupil of the school, walked onto the grounds and started punching and kicking a student, who was sitting alone.

Screenshot of assault

It’s the second attack last week at the school.

Chris Lynch Media revealed that on Wednesday a student was attacked by other students.

The mother of the student assaulted on Thursday said “a number of girls got together during their break, planned and recorded the girl, who was twice our daughter’s size, viciously attack her, dragging her by the hair to the ground, punching her multiple times in the head.”

Principal Ann Brokenshire phoned the mother on Thursday night and encouraged her to make a statement to police.

The mother said “the school has clear CCTV footage of the girls entering and exiting the school, coming together in a group, and pulling out their phones as they proceed to start the assault.

The school has acknowledged this, but continue to tell us it was a random attack. This is not random, this happens multiple times. Students have set up “Hillmorton scrap chat groups.”

Screenshot of assault

Brokenshire confirmed to Chris Lynch Media on Sunday night there was a second, unrelated assault an hour before the end of school on Thursday.

“We involved the police who will investigate the assault. The person who did this is not a Hillmorton student. We will investigate fully tomorrow the involvement by any Hillmorton students, and appropriate disciplinary action will follow when the full circumstances are known.”

The mother said she wanted to “highlight yet another disgusting violent vicious attack in two days at this school, and I can assure you these are not isolated.

There is a culture of bullying and assaults happening. This school is not safe and we are now considering the best options to keep our children safe and right now that school is not safe.”

The mother said her daughter suffered swelling, bruising, a concussion, and nausea.. When we collected our other daughter from the same school, the same girls minus the girl who assaulted our daughter were all laughing yelling, and re-enacting the assault.”

The mother said “this is happening too much and is out of control. The school only made a statement to parents regarding the assault of the girl the day before on Thursday, because of the article on Chris Lynch Media.”

On Sunday night, the mother said her daughter was “very scared and her body is still sore and she’s suffering concussion. Our family is wrapping around her strong. It is so devastating to see our beautiful daughter like this and it’s tearing us all up knowing someone could hurt her like that.”

The mother said she received another call from Brokenshire last night.

“She advised they are having meetings with Youth Justice and Oranga Tamariki. We challenged the school’s failure and lack of support for our daughter, but there was no real answer, more of a societal issue rather than an isolated issue.”

On Saturday morning, Hilmorton High School teacher Justine Rees commented on Chris Lynch Media’s Facebook page saying the reporting of the first incident was “leading viewers instead of informing them.”

A police spokesperson confirmed police received a report on Thursday regarding a female high school student assaulted on school grounds earlier that day.

The victim was referred to Victim Support, police have lines of inquiry into who was involved the spokesperson said.


Meanwhile, the school principal sent parents another email regarding the second assault.

Dear Parents, Whänau and Caregivers

Unfortunately, we had a further incident at school on Thursday. This involved a person coming on to school grounds and assaulting one of our students. It appears, however that a group of Hilmorton students were involved in this and we are currently investigating.

The police are working with us on both incidents. We have increased staff duty and any students involved recording on their phones or as bystandersa r e facingschool disciplinary procedures.

Parents can feel assured that we take all types of bullying seriously. fI your child suffers from any incident of bullying at school Iencourage you to contact us immediately.

Once again, I do need to reiterate that the vast majority of our students are outstanding citizens and are not involved in this negative behaviour.”

Chris Lynch Media has received similar stories of assaults at other schools. We will follow these up, on behalf of parents and children affected, who have spoken of the devastating impacts assaults have had on victims. There are ongoing discussions about publishing violent video content, and permission is obtained by parents before publication. We will continue to highlight violent offending.

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