Man exposes himself to children at New Brighton Playground

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 16, 2022 |

Police are investigating after a man exposed himself at the New Brighton Playground beside the whale pool.

The incident happened at 12.30 PM yesterday off Marine Parade.

A Christchurch mother told Chris Lynch Media “the man was exposing himself where children were playing including my own.

It was very disturbing and horrifying to see this in pure daylight even worse to have this kind of thing happen at a children’s playground.

The mother said she reported this incident to the police.

“He was definitely mentally impaired, but clearly knew what he was doing was wrong, as he took off pretty quickly when he realised I was taking photos of him” the mother said.

The man was wearing a grey hooded jacket, black tight plants, a two-colour hat (dark grey and white) and dark coloured sports shoes.

He was with a bike and a blue helmet.

A police spokeswoman said police are currently following lines of enquiry.

No one has been arrested at this stage.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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