Police confirm body found at Cape Foulwind is Mikhail Buchanan

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 12, 2022 |

Photo: Clay Tall Stories

Police have confirmed the body located at Cape Foulwind has been identified as Mikhail Buchanan.

Nelson Bays Area Commander Inspector Matt Scoles said “a formal identification process has now been completed and we can confirm the body is that of Mikhail, who went missing at Maruia Falls.”

Buchanan, 26, from Christchurch, is believed to have drowned at Maruia Falls, after he jumped into the fast-moving water with his cousin, Jona on June 24.

Inspector Scoles said “I want to acknowledge Mikhail’s family, who have been through an extremely distressing past few months.

We hope that by bringing Mikhail home to his whanau provides them with some closure.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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