Police booze checkpoints in North Canterbury yield mixed results

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 19, 2024 |
Police conducted checkpoints in the Hurunui District over the weekend targeting Culverden on Friday night and Hanmer Springs on Saturday night.
The operation aims to curb drink driving and promote safe road use as part of the Better Together campaign.

In Culverden, 50 drivers were stopped and breath tested.

Only one driver underwent a breath screening test (BST) after a positive initial result, but subsequently blew under the required 250mcg/litre of breath limit.

In Hanmer Springs, 31 drivers were breath tested.

However, three drivers were found to have BST results above the legal limit.

Two of these were significantly over the limit, while one resulted in a lower-level infringement.

A Hurunui District Council spokesperson police were disappointed with the results in Hanmer Springs.

“These checkpoints aim to prevent drink driving by encouraging people to make the right decision about how they get home,” they said.

“It’s concerning to see multiple drivers exceeding the legal limit.”

The Better Together campaign is a collaborative effort between local councils, NZ Police, and NZTA/Waka Kotahi throughout Canterbury.

Throughout June, these organisations are focusing on reducing drink driving incidents to improve road safety.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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