Police investigate gun shots fired in Spreydon for second night

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 10, 2022 |

A police investigation continues following gun shots being fired at a Spreydon property for a second night in a row.

A police spokeswoman said they were called to Hammond Place about 10.30pm.

There were no injuries and enquiries into the circumstances are ongoing, including establishing whether there is a link to the incident on the same street the previous night.

The same property was targeted the night before in a similar incident around the same time.

A resident on Hammond Place was getting into a car on Saturday night when she heard shots being fired next door.

She described it as ‘rapid fire’.

Another resident said she believed the incident was gang related.

“A man who used to live down here with gang connections was trespassed from a property.

However I’ve noticed his truck parked up on the street and he seems to bring trouble with him.”

Photo: Bre Freque

The sound of gunshots was recorded on Jasmine Thomson’s partner’s cell phone.

“My partner was recording just to show me how loud the SIx60 concert was when he captured the gunshots.”

On the recording, nine shots can be heard firing in quick succession.

Cordons remain in place.

Police are still trying to determine whether gun shots being fired on Gayhurst Road in Dallington on Friday night are related.

Cordoned off property on Gayhurst Road Friday night

WATCH: Gun shots recorded on cell phone. Source: Jasmine Thomson

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