Motorists warned to expect delays south of Ashburton on Friday

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 30, 2024 |

People driving south of Ashburton/Hinds to the Rangitata River on Friday, 31 May, need to build in extra time for road work delays.

Between 9 am and 4 pm, NZ Transport Agency crews will make the most of the last forecast warm weather to seal a stretch of SH1 at Ealing just north of the Rangitata River.

Traffic will be queued using Stop/Go traffic management with an alternative inland route available for people in cars and vans who don’t want to queue for up to 30 minutes.

Given people may be travelling ahead of King’s Birthday Weekend holiday on Monday, NZTA is encouraging people to use the alternative route if they can.

Alternative route for light vehicles, vans

Southbound traffic: Turn right onto Dalmaine St, left onto Hinds-Arundel Rd, left onto Route 72 Arundel Rakaia Gorge Rd, left onto SH79 Rangitata-Orari Bridge Hwy, then back onto SH1 (alternative route will take about 35 minutes)

Or consider continuing south through Geraldine and along Route 72 to Winchester and back onto SH1.

Reverse for northbound traffic. Please note this alternative route is not suitable for HPMVs and wide loads.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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