“Out of control” shocking video of street brawl outside Christchurch bar

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 24, 2022 |

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Several videos have been sent to Chris Lynch Media of a street brawl in central Christchurch that ended with one man allegedly being ‘king hit.’

The man remains in a serious condition in Christchurch hospital after being punched in the back of the head according to witnesses, outside Rockpool on Hereford Street early Sunday morning.

An eyewitness told Chris Lynch she and her friends “were walking to Rockpool when they came across a massive street brawl which included bouncers.


“The sound of his head smashing the pavement immediately got everyone’s attention. A group of people were comforting him, putting hoodies under his head.

He was laying on the ground unresponsive for quite some time.

There were roughly five fights happening at the same time, and as soon as someone was on the ground, a group of people would attack that person, and then when the bouncers tried to stop them, they moved on to the next person” the witness said.

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“They started attacking the bouncer, who had to defend himself. This is not how I thought our night would go this is why we try to avoid the strip.”

Another witness said the young men “were completely out of control. They tried to fight anyone who came near them.”

A police spokesman confirmed police attended reports of people fighting outside a bar on Hereford Street Christchurch at 12.20am on Sunday.

“A man was assaulted and was taken to hospital, and a man was arrested in relation to the assault and inquiries are continuing.”

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Police are yet to lay charges.

A St John Ambulance spokesman said they sent one ambulance and one rapid response unit.

The victim remains in the hospital in a serious, but stable condition in Christchurch hospital, police said.

Chris Lynch Media understands the man was placed in an induced coma.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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