Offender was armed with a pump action shotgun” PM reveals more information on shooting

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 19, 2023 |

New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins

New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has provided a timeline of the shooting incident in Auckland in a press briefing in Wellington.

He said “this morning at 7:23am, a witness called police to report a man with a gun shooting in central Auckland at a building on lower Queen Street.

At 7:34am, police arrived on the scene and the armed offenders squad arrived the four minutes later.

“It’s with deep sorrow that I can confirm that two people have been killed.

“At this stage I’m aware that six others have been injured including police.

“They’ve been taken to Auckland hospital. Police have also confirmed that the shooter is also dead.

“The assessment from officials is that there is no national security risk.

Photo: TVNZ screenshot

“There is no change to New Zealand’s national security threat level.”

Hipkins said “the offender was armed with a pump action shotgun.

“He moved through the building site, discharging the firearm.

Upon reaching the upper levels of the building the man contained himself in an elevator and Police engaged with him, shots were fired and he was located a short time later.

“I want to thank the brave men and women of the New Zealand police who ran into the gunfire straight into harm’s way in order to save the lives of others.

“These kind of situations move fast and the actions of those who risked their lives to save others are nothing short of heroic.

“I also want to acknowledge the ambulance first responders who were there quickly on the scene this morning.

“This is still an ongoing police operation. And I’ve got limited further information that I can provide at this time.

“Police will be providing further updates during the day. Shortly I’ll be leaving to travel to Auckland to join Police Commissioner Andrew Coster who was also on his way to the scene.

“Clearly with the FIFA World Cup kicking off this evening, there are a lot of eyes on Auckland. The government has spoken to FIFA organisers this morning and the tournament will proceed as planned.

“I want to reiterate that there is no wider national security threat this appears to be the actions of one individual.

“Aucklanders and those watching around the world can be assured that the police have neutralised the threat and that they are not seeking anybody else in relation to the incident.

“New Zealanders’ safety and the safety of our visitors is our first priorities.

“My understanding from the advice that we’ve received so far is that there was no identified political or ideological motivation for the shooting and therefore no national security risk.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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