Petition to keep New Zealand’s name from “more left-wing radical bull dust.” – Winston Peters

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 17, 2021 |

A petition has been launched to keep New Zealand’s name.

It follows The Māori Party’s decision to launch a petition for New Zealand’s name to be officially changed to ‘Aotearoa.’

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has started a petition to keep New Zealand’s name saying this is “just more left-wing radical bull dust.”

“Changing our country’s name and town and city names is just dumb extremism.”

New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters

He said “,We are not changing to some name with no historical credibility. We are for keeping us New Zealand.”

“We have decided to launch a petition in opposition to this wokism in order to save our country’s name. 

In recent months, media outlets who have received large government grants to fund their “journalism” have began only using only Aotearoa in news articles.

Mr Peters said “We need to show this and any future government” that Kiwis want to keep it ‘New Zealand

You can sign the petition here

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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