Nurses’ strike cancelled because of nationwide lockdown

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 17, 2021 |

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) says it will withdraw its strike action plans for 19 August after a community case of COVID-19 in Auckland has led to a nationwide lockdown.

NZNO Industrial Services Manager Glenda Alexander said people’s health and wellbeing have to remain our number one priority.

“Our issues are important, but it would not be safe or responsible for us to continue with a strike if the country is under lockdown.”

“Our members are resolute, and we will continue to look at future strike action, but our members are also health professionals and know that people and their wellbeing are the most important things. We will not put people in danger to make a point.

“One of our main issues has been that staffing levels are unsafe across the health system. We think it is important that all rostered nursing staff are at work should the COVID situation escalate.”

The strike was planned for 11am until 7pm on 19 August.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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