Jacinda Ardern’s ‘arrogant prick’ insult aimed at David Seymour raises more than $100k for charity

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 22, 2022 |

The signed printout of the Hansard (the official parliamentary record) where Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern labelled ACT Leader David Seymour an “arrogant prick” has been sold, raising $100,100 for The Prostate Cancer Foundation.

“I want to thank Jacinda for being a good sport. When I suggested this to her at the Press Gallery party last week she got it immediately, agreed, and followed through” Seymour said.

“I thought we would make the most of Jacinda’s comment and raise some money for a good cause, in the spirit of Christmas. I have been blown away by the kindness of bidders who are helping pricks everywhere with their generosity.”

Seymour said “the interest was greater than anyone dreamed.”

The auction was the most-viewed item on TradeMe in 2022 having been viewed almost half a million times.

Hundreds commented on the auction page.

“I did my best to reply to everyone, even those who suggested it would be a useful addition to hang on the toilet door and keep away flies.” Seymour said.

“The Prostate Cancer Foundation deserves the money for the amazing practical and scientific work they do. I’m glad we could deliver them an early Christmas present that will save lives. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in Kiwi men and the third highest cause of cancer death in men after lung cancer and bowel cancer. The beauty of the fundraiser was that it could appeal to anyone. People who dislike me, people who like me, people who dislike Jacinda and people who like her but most importantly people who hate prostate cancer.

It has been a very Kiwi way to fix what might have been nasty. I hope the money raised can contribute to a better 2023 for many Kiwi men.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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