New Zealand’s first Filipino couple builds reputable housing company in Christchurch

Jun 23, 2024 |

Elizabeth and Ivan Presquito identified a unique opportunity in the housing market for homes with distinct and detailed finishes.

This led to the creation of Elegant Kiwi Homes, a company that has quickly built a reputation for quality and trust in Christchurch.

Ivan said, “We wanted to create a brand where, when people see Elegant Kiwi Homes, they trust the name and know exactly what they’re getting.

“We saw a gap in the marketplace for homes that offered more than the standard finishings, and we aimed to fill that gap with elegance and attention to detail.”

Elegant Kiwi Homes, currently building houses in Halswell, Rolleston, and Wigram, is expanding its business across New Zealand.

The company’s growth is driven by its commitment to efficiency and transparency.


Elegant Kiwi Homes house in construction in Halswell

Elegant Kiwi Homes house in construction in Halswell / Photo Chris Lynch

“Time is money,” Ivan explained. “We aim to build houses as efficiently as possible. We are transparent with our clients. Through our project management system, they can see photos of daily progress and the schedule for the coming weeks and months. They are part of the entire building journey.”

Elegant Kiwi Homes Directors Ivan and Elizabeth Presquito with Saleswoman Anthea Livingstone / Photo: Chris Lynch

Elegant Kiwi Homes Directors Ivan and Elizabeth Presquito with Saleswoman Anthea Livingstone / Photo: Chris Lynch

Anthea Livingstone, an Elegant Kiwi Homes saleswoman, shared her admiration for the company’s work. “Every home I visit has outstanding quality. The homes are beautiful, and the clients are overjoyed to move into their new homes, knowing we helped them achieve this. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the joy on their faces when they walk into their brand new home.”

Livingstone, who had attempted to retire, met Elizabeth and Ivan Presquito at a networking event. She was inspired by their vision and decided to join the company.

With her background as a mortgage advisor, she provides potential homeowners with valuable tips on securing a home loan.

Elegant Kiwi Homes / Photo: Chris Lynch

Elegant Kiwi Homes / Photo: Chris Lynch

“Most of our clients are from overseas, and many have their own cultural and religious expectations, which we respect and accommodate,” Ivan said.

“In New Zealand, they can perform or practice their rituals as they do back home. It’s important for us to make them feel at home, not just with the house, but with their lifestyle” Ivan said.

Livingstone added, “I love working for the company because of the people and the culture. Ivan and Elizabeth are wonderful people, and every home I visit, I want to live in. The work environment is supportive and inclusive, which makes my job even more enjoyable.”

Elegant Kiwi Homes sign / Chris Lynch

Elegant Kiwi Homes sign / Chris Lynch

When asked about the couple’s Filipino heritage, she enthusiastically responded, “If you’ve never been to a Filipino housewarming, you need to go. You walk in, and there are seven tables full of food. The hospitality and warmth are unmatched.”

Elegant Kiwi Homes continues to build a reputation for quality and trust, making a significant impact on the housing market in New Zealand.

The company’s commitment to client satisfaction and cultural inclusivity sets it apart from other builders in the region.

As they expand their reach, Elizabeth and Ivan Presquito said they remain dedicated to delivering homes that exceed expectations and create lasting happiness for their clients.

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