New Brighton mall cordoned off after person seriously assaulted

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 10, 2022 |

Police have cordoned off New Brighton mall near Marine Parade following a serious assault.

A police spokesperson told Chris Lynch police responded to reports of a disorder around New Brighton Mall at 6pm.

It appears one person has sustained a serious injury the police spokesperson said.

Police are following lines of enquiry.

A St John Ambulance spokeswoman said they responded with one ambulance, one rapid response unit and one manager to the scene.

Chris Lynch Media understands the person was stabbed.

They’ve been rushed to hospital in an ambulance in a critical condition.

Five police units are on the scene and multiple police officers are in the area.

The police cordon extends across the entrance of the Penguin Arms bar, but the Wave pub appears to be open.

The children’s playground opposite the mall remains open.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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