National Party MP stood down from all portfolios

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 24, 2023 |

National MP Tim van de Molen has been stood down from his portfolios for contempt of Parliament, after threatening behaviour towards Labour’s Shanan Halbert.

His actions at the Transport and Infrastructure Committee were referred to the Privileges Committee by the Speaker of the House.

The independent barrister investigating the incident found that Mr van de Molen’s actions were ‘aggressive in the sense of being hostile, unprofessional and with an element that was objectively threatening, but not in the sense of physical violence’.

National Party Leader Christopher Luxon said “Tim’s behaviour is not up to the standards I expect of National MPs.

“I have made clear, both to National MPs and to the New Zealand public, that I expect high standards of behaviour and will hold my team accountable for their actions. I mean it. 

“My role is to lead an alternate government and I expect all National MPs and candidates to be focussed on promoting National’s policies to rebuild the economy, bring down inflation, restore law and order and fix health and education so we can get New Zealand back on track.

“Tim has had a difficult year personally over the last year, but that does not excuse any MP indulging in the behaviour described in the report.

“Tim accepts all the findings and has publicly apologised. He has also committed to seeking coaching support to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

“Following a discussion with Tim this morning, I have removed all his portfolio responsibilities – namely Defence, Veterans, Building and Construction, ACC.

“Everyone makes mistakes, and there is a path back for Tim – provided he can demonstrate to me, the wider National caucus, and himself, that he has learnt from this incident and grown as a result.

“Tim’s portfolios have been reallocated as follows. Andrew Bayly is National’s spokesperson for Building and Construction, Gerry Brownlee takes on the Defence and Veterans portfolios and Simon Watts is the new spokesperson for ACC.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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