National drops in one of two final polls before election day

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 11, 2023 |

A Newshub-Reid Research survey indicates a drop in support for the National Party.

The numbers reveal that National’s backing has dropped to 34.6%, showing a decline of 4.6 percentage points.

Labour has seen a slight increase, now at 27.5%, marking a rise of 1 percentage point from the previous poll.

The Green Party’s numbers have also risen by 0.7 percentage points, putting them at 14.9%.

Act’s support remains unchanged at 8.8%.

New Zealand First has witnessed a growth in their popularity, now standing at 6.8%, an increment of 1.6 points. This puts them comfortably above the 5% threshold needed to secure a place in Parliament.

If New Zealand First isn’t taken into account, the collective support of Labour, the Greens, and Te Pāti Māori could potentially secure 57 parliamentary seats based on these figures.

In a contrasting report by the 1News Verian survey, the potential for New Zealand First to determine the balance of power is highlighted.

The National Party’s numbers in this poll reflect a rise by 1 percentage point, standing at 37%. Act’s support has experienced a dip, going down to 9%, a decline of 1 point.

With New Zealand First remaining consistent at 6%, they continue to be in a position to swing the balance of power.

Together, Act and National would secure 58 seats, which is three seats short of achieving a parliamentary majority.

On the other hand, Labour’s popularity has risen by two points, reaching 28%, and the Greens have also seen a 1-point growth, landing them at 14%.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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