Much loved mother, grandmother, great grandmother still missing

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 05, 2022 |

The family of a missing Methven woman are asking the public for help.

80-year-old Gaynor Fleet was last seen at around 10.50am on Wednesday in Lochhead Crescent.

Police have been making a number of inquiries to locate her.

Gaynor is described as being 165 – 170 cm tall, of slim build, and is believed to be wearing a blue crew neck jersey, grey pants, and possibly blue shoes.

She was last seen driving a Suzuki SX4 registration EQP778 coloured sky blue.

In a Facebook post, her daughter wrote “our much-loved mother grandmother and great-grandmother is still missing.

She was seen on a surveillance camera going down the Methven highway at 11.02 and then a possible sighting in Ashburton crossing the intersection by the triangle which is unconfirmed as being mum.

The beaches are all checked with no sign

There was only a quarter of a tank of petrol so she couldn’t have driven for much more than an hour, but until we have more surveillance footage we don’t have any real idea which direction to look.”

Gaynor’s daughter said “we are working closely with the police but it’s a bit like a needle in the haystack.”

Anyone with information about her whereabouts is urged to call Police on 111 and quote file number 220804/3609.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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