Mother of schoolboy punched 30 times, shocked at no arrest

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 15, 2022 |

Screen shot of shocking school attack

The mother of a Shirley Boy High student punched 30 times in a horrific school attack is shocked the offender has not been arrested.

The video of the assault, sent to Chris Lynch Media, shows a boy punching a student in the bathroom, to the head and body. The attack happened over two weeks ago.

Yesterday, Headmaster Tim Grocott said the school dealt with the incident immediately, while police said they were investigating.

The victim’s mother said she was shocked to learn that the offender had not been arrested.

“The last contact with police was on 9th November, when they came to tell me they were going to see the offender and formally charge him with assault with intent to injure – so I am shocked nothing has happened.”

The mother said “this attack was unprovoked and was incredibly violent and hard to watch. I was told the school was still ‘investigating’ and they were trying to find out what happened before the attack.”

The mother said she was surprised by Grocott’s comment suggesting he encouraged the victim’s family to go to the police.

Screen shot of shocking school attack.

“Following the attack, I said I was going straight to the police and I was not going to put up with it. He told me they couldn’t do that, but they would support my decision to go to the police. However, it did not sound convincing. It felt like they were just trying to protect their reputation. I didn’t like his questioning as he was indicating that my son must have done something to instigate this situation – I ended up saying that was irrelevant.”

Police officers visited her home and took a formal statement.

“Just as police were leaving, we received a copy of the video, which we showed the officers. This helped solidify our case that our son was violently attacked. They said with this footage they could charge him at the highest level.”

The mother said “I am disappointed with the school. I should be able to send my son to school without the fear of him being assaulted.

We have only heard from the school twice since the incident. The Dean rang me the afternoon of the incident to check in and to let me know the student (offender) would not be coming back this year.”

The mother said “from my conversations with the school, it was all about the offender, and how they were working with him and his mother. The only person who contacted me from the school was the Dean of Snell House, not the principal, and not a counsellor offering services. It looked like they just wanted to brush it under the carpet as they had the end-of-year prize givings coming up.

I don’t think Grocott’s comments of “we have offered support for the victim and his family and will continue to work with them” are a true reflection of what has really happened.

She said her son had not returned to the school.

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Chris Lynch

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