Matatiki Hornby Centre step closer to hydrotherapy pool with significant grant

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 31, 2023 |

Photo and words by Christchurch City Council Newsline

Community groups raising funds for a new hydrotherapy pool for the Hornby community have received a $400,000 grant from New Zealand Community Trust.

The Rotary Club of Hornby and the Greater Hornby Residents’ Association are leading the campaign to raise $1.4 million for the hydrotherapy pool at Matatiki Hornby Centre, a new Council facility currently under construction in Kyle Park.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the NZCT grant we have received. The $400,000 boost has us so much closer to our goal and we couldn’t be more grateful for the support,” says Marc Duff, Head of Special Projects for the Greater Hornby Residents’ Association.  

“The grant from NZCT has really put a buzz in the community. There’s a great positive feeling that we can knock this fundraising target off thanks to their support.”

The groups have also received a $300,000 Lotteries Grant, a $300,000 donation from the Rata Foundation, and $100,000 from the Rotary Club of Hornby. A crowd-funding ‘Buy a Bubble’ campaign, which has raised $10,000 to date is also underway.

“We’re nearing the home stretch but there’s still a need for community support through the buy a bubble campaign” says Paul Burns, President of the Rotary Club of Hornby.

“We’re excited by all the support we’ve received over the last year. It’s wonderful to see the passion the community has for this project.”

Hornby resident Angela Swinney says she is “excited about using the hydrotherapy pool in Hornby.”

“Having had a recent heart attack, the pool will enable me to do gentle exercise in a safe and supervised setting.  

“I am very proud of the Greater Hornby community for all the hard mahi putting everything into making the hydrotherapy pool a happening thing. I believe many will utilise this amazing asset,” says Ms Swinney.

Christchurch City Council Head of Recreation, Sports and Events Nigel Cox says the community fundraising efforts have “gone from strength to strength.”

“This has been a great collaborative effort between the community and Council to get to this point. We’re confident the remaining $300,000 target will be met, and the hydrotherapy pool will be a fantastic addition to the Matatiki Hornby Centre.”

The Council agreed in February 2022 to contribute $2.5 million towards the hydrotherapy pool addition, with the community to fundraise the $1.4 million balance.  

When complete, Matatiki Hornby Centre will include a library, customer services hub, and aquatic facilities. The facility is expected to open to the public in early 2024. 

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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