Arrests made after multiple police swarm central Christchurch property

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 17, 2022 |

Two people have been arrested following a firearms incident in central Christchurch.

A police spokeswoman told Chris Lynch police received a report of a person with a firearm at an address on Kilmore Street around 2:15pm. 

Specialist staff attended the scene and cordons were in place.  Two people have now been taken into custody and no one is injured. 

A firearm has been seized and police have located a large amount of cannabis at the address. 

The pair will be processed in due course. 

“Police can reassure the public that this incident has been resolved safely and there is no ongoing threat” the police spokeswoman said .

Police initially blocked off Kilmore Street between Fitzgerald Avenue and Barbadoes Streets.

Multiple police officers remain up the driveway of a block of units on Kilmore Street.

Chris Lynch Media saw a man with handcuffs behind his back led away by officers to a patrol car.

Two police patrol cars are parked on Kilmore Street, while another two are double parked on the road.

One police unit remains up the driveway.

Following the arrest of a man, another police car with lights on, arrived at the scene.

A woman with a child standing outside the units abused media, pushing a school-aged girl in front of media, and screaming at police officers.

Police ignored her.

A man in a vehicle arrived at the address a short time later and gave the media the fingers out the window.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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