Man stabbed multiple times in early morning assault

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 13, 2022 |

A man has been stabbed multiple times while out walking near Bexley Reserve early this morning.

Christchurch police said they were still hunting for the offender following the assault on Pages Road.

They responded to the incident at 6.20am. The man was critically injured, a police spokesperson said.

The assault took place between Portchester and Farnborough streets. 

A police spokesman told Chris Lynch “Bexley Park is closed to the public at present and we ask that the public stay away from the area.

Police are also interested in hearing from anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in this area overnight, in particular from 4am.”

It’s understood the victim was a dog walker.

A St John Ambulance spokeswoman said they responded to the scene with two ambulances and two single-crewed vehicles.

Police appear to be focusing their investigation at the entranceway of Bexley Reserve, a popular spot for dog walkers.

Other entrances to the park have been blocked off by police.

A police dog unit was seen in the reserve trying to track the offender.

There are multiple police units patrolling the area.

Police were asking the public to come forward with any information or dashcam footage of the assault.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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