19 and 17 year old charged following assault in Aranui

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 18, 2022 |

A 19-year-old man and a 17-year-old man have been charged following a serious assault in Aranui on Saturday night.

Neighbours on Wimborne Crescent called police after hearing screaming and arguing just after 10PM on Saturday.

A police spokeswoman described the incident as a disorder which involved parties known to each other.

One person was transported to Christchurch hospital with what was described at the time as serious injuries.

It’s understood the person is in a stable condition.

The police spokeswoman said three people were arrested at the scene last night, including a 19-year-old man charged with disorderly behaviour.

A 17-year-old will appear before the Youth Court in relation to the incident, while one other person was released without charge.

“Police are continuing to make enquiries and cannot rule out further charges” the police spokeswoman said.

One local told Chris Lynch a person was laying on the ground outside a house, as emergency services pulled up outside the property.

A woman near the scene who was at the property socialising with the occupants before the incident said two people arrived at the house with knives.

She claimed an occupant at the house attacked one of them in self-defence.

Nine police units attended the scene, along with two St John ambulances.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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