Man arrested after assault in Addington

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 21, 2023 |

A man has been arrested following an assault in Addington.

A police spokeswoman said police were advised at 9.15pm on Friday that a person appeared to be injured on Parlane Street in Addington.

It followed reports of a fight between him and another man.

Police located a man with an eye injury on Poulson Street at 9.20pm and transported him to Christchurch hospital the police spokeswoman said.

A 36-year-old man was arrested on Poulson Street at around 9.30pm.

He has been charged with injuring with intent to injure/reckless disregard and is scheduled to appear in Christchurch District Court on 26 January.

The partner of the man assaulted said the attack was unprovoked.

“He went for a walk by himself to the local dairy on Lincoln Road to buy a coke when he was beaten up.

I switched my phone off last night, so I only found out that something happened when he texted me from hospital early this morning.”

He didn’t remember the attack his partner said.

The man suffered a broken eye socket, bruising to his face and swelling, and bruises to his body.

He was discharged from hospital this afternoon, on the condition that someone stays with him due to the nature of his injuries.

His partner said he was shaken by the attack and was resting at home on Saturday.

A local retailer has offered to provide CCTV footage of the attack to the victim, which his partner was keen to see.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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