Major West Coast highway closed overnight

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 09, 2023 |

The muddy, rock and vegetation-filled slip near Turiwhate Creek covering SH73 west of Jacksons this afternoon: NZTA

A Major West Coast highway will remain closed overnight.

The New Zealand Transport Agency said SH73 west of Jacksons, a key Canterbury-West coast route, will remain closed because of slips.

SH7, the Lewis Pass route, can be used as a detour for all HPMVs as only some HPMVs are permitted for SH73 west of Springfield and the Lake Brunner Road.

The slip material should be cleared and the highway reopened by 10 am Friday according to NZTA.

A local road detour is in place via Lake Brunner Road and Stillwater, turn-off near Jacksons from the Canterbury side, however, it will add an hour or so to the journey to or from the West Coast.


Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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