Labour’s roading announcement “cynical at best” says National

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 17, 2023 |

Labour’s roading announcement has been described as “cynical at best” by a National Party MP.

On Thursday Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said “in the South Island, we’re signalling that improvements to State Highway 1 north of Christchurch to improve safety and support economic growth and freight access, is of strategic importance to our transport plans

“This includes the Christchurch Northern Link, by upgrading State Highway 1 from the Waimakariri River to Ashley River and a new alignment around Woodend, and improved links across the Hakatere/Ashburton River, which could include a new second river crossing.”

However Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey says the announcement from Labour that they will build the Woodend Bypass is ‘cynical at best’.

“Labour were the ones who cancelled this vital roading project, leaving the Woodend community split in two by increasingly dangerous traffic levels year on year.

“Now they want that same community to believe they have their interests at heart?”

Doocey said just last year Labour announced safety improvements for the road through Woodend, with no mention of the long-awaited bypass.

“Labour cancelled this roading project six years ago forcing residents to hold public meetings, a petition to parliament and a protest rally but Labour blocked it at every turn. 

“For Labour to expect people to forget all that just beggars belief.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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