Labour “copy and pastes” National Party policy on crime

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 17, 2023 |

Labour has been accused of “copying and pasting” a National party crime policy, when it comes to cracking down on youth crime.

Chris Hipkins announced a range of crime related policies today, but office didn’t send out a press release.

National’s Justice spokesperson Paul Goldsmith said “despite the Prime Minister admitting the number of ram-raids has exploded under Labour, it is still refusing to impose real consequences for serious young offenders.

“Instead of boot camps as National has proposed, it’s playtime for ram raiders. What Labour did not say is whether KFC will be provided.

 “Labour seems to believe that picking up litter is a sufficient consequence for people who have committed repeat ram-raids.

“Instead of cleaning up the destruction they have caused, we need consequences that deter ram-raiders from destroying livelihoods and terrorising communities.

“The only part of today’s announcement that would increase consequences was copied and pasted from National’s plan to restore law and order. We welcome Labour adopting our policy to make filming and publishing a ram raid an aggravating factor at sentencing.

“Beyond National’s policy, Labour’s announcement was window dressing designed to make it look like it actually cares about reducing youth crime.

“For years Labour have told us youth crime is not really a problem and National was scaremongering. Now Kiwis are expected to believe tackling crime is a priority for Labour yet they will not even enact their announced changes until after the election because they have not done the background work.

“While Labour cobbles together policy, National has a plan to ensure there are real consequences for crime.

“National will limit sentence reductions, introduce a young serious offender category, boot camps and grant Police new powers to disrupt gang activities. Restoring law and order will be a top priority for a National government.”

Meanwhile ACT Leader David Seymour said “after more than five years of cuddling criminals and ignoring victims, Labour’s sudden pre-election change of heart on crime is hardly believable. It’s too late, the horse has bolted, there has to be real change this election to put law and order in place again.

“New Zealanders are being terrorised by thugs in their homes, in their businesses, and on the streets. We have a serious problem, and it all comes back to values. The big question is: who do you trust to be tough on crime, ACT or Labour?

“It was the Labour Government who set a goal of cutting the number of people behind bars by 30 per cent. Now we’re seeing the consequences. Since 2017:

  • Acts intended to cause injury are up 42%

  • Serious assaults resulting in injury are up 122%

  • Serious assaults not resulting in injury is up 95%

  • Sexual Assault and Related Offences is up 19%

  • Aggravated Sexual Assaults are up 20%

“While Labour is now proposing youth offenders might need to pick up rubbish, ACT has been proposing for months instant penalties for youth offenders, rather than clogging up the youth court with the possibility of a penalty six months later.

“Last week ACT proposed harsher sentences for crimes occurring in the workplace, and for 17-year-olds to be included in the adult justice system. Prior to that we’ve proposed a clear pathway of consequences from instant practical penalties to ankle bracelets for offenders, to secure facilities to keep offenders in if they do not comply with earlier sanctions.

“No one’s buying Chris Hipkins as tough on crime.

“He was Police Minister when ram raids became a daily occurrence, and his only answer then was the band-aid of spending $11 million on fog cannons, a great policy for fog cannon makers, but it did nothing to stop crime happening.

He did everything but make it easier to lock up criminals.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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