“Incredible everyone survived” – three vehicles collide in serious crash

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 18, 2023 |

Three vehicles collided with each other in a serious car crash in Spreydon last night, with one witness saying it was incredible that everyone survived.

A local resident told Chris Lynch Media the incident happened on the corner of Simeon Street and Milton Street in Spreydon at 7.30pm last night.

“A car pulled out of Simeon Street in front of the ute which was coming down Milton Street and got hit, it then spun around a good few times and ended up down the road on the opposite side.

“The ute tried to avoid the car, so drove into the middle of the road , then on to the other side straight into another car.”

Another resident witnessed the crash between the three vehicles, saying she heard the smash and then the screeching of car wheels.

“It was extremely loud, with the smashing impact and cars spinning everywhere, it was incredible that that everyone survived.

“I gave the lady and her wee toddler a blanket to keep warm until the ambulance arrived.”

A St John spokesperson said they were notified of a motor vehicle incident in Spreydon at 7.30pm and responded with one ambulance to the scene.

“We assessed and treated one patient who was transported to Christchurch Hospital in a moderate condition.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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