Ilam candidates to face off over chlorinated water

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 26, 2023 |

In the upcoming electoral race in Ilam, sitting MP Sarah Pallett of the Labour Party, National’s representative Hamish Campbell, and TOP’s head Raf Manji are facing off, with the topic of chlorinated water emerging as a potential hot-button issue for local voters.

On the evening of 29 August, the candidates will share their perspectives on this and other concerns impacting the western side of Christchurch.

This discussion, organised by Taxpayer’s Union, is set to commence at 7pm at Misceo Cafe & Bar.

Local refill stations in Christchurch, previously frequented by enthusiasts seeking non-chlorinated water, have ceased their operations.

This means those who cherished filling up their bottles with pristine water now have fewer options the Taxpayer’s Union said.

The final few chlorine-free water sources in the city, notably in Burnside and New Brighton, stand abandoned.

These once-active pipelines now remain locked and untouched.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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