North Canterbury Police boss commends helicopter and officers in arrest of serious offender

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 18, 2023 |

The boss of North Canterbury police has expressed high praise for the helicopter staff and police officers involved in yesterday’s arrest in Loburn.

At 12.10pm, police were called after a stolen truck was sighted on Williams Street in Kaiapoi.

To track the vehicle’s movements, police promptly deployed a commercial helicopter.

The driver was wanted for high risk driving offences and warrants to arrest for serious offending.

Rural Canterbury Area Police Commander Inspector Peter Cooper emphasised the efforts made by the police to keep the serious offender off the road.

He said a social media video showing multiple police following the vehicle filmed from on cell phone didn’t tell the whole story.

The offender had allegedly stolen two trucks and was as serious risk to public safety.

“Police successfully spiked the offender’s vehicle twice, and despite its cost, the utilisation of the helicopter proved invaluable in our efforts to apprehend the offender.”

The video was captured in a situation where there was only one viable route to access the Ashley and proceed towards Loburn, where the eventual apprehension of the offender took place Inspector Cooper said.

“We had position ourselves ahead of the offender, formulating contingency plans to ensure a safe and effective method of stopping a vehicle of that nature.

“Additionally [the vehicles seen in the video] were manned by specialised troops.

“Because of the offender’s risk, we deploy in numbers. We have consider different roads to be able to successfully use road spikes, which is what happened to bring it to an end – and so safety is paramount.”

Inspector Cooper said police had agreements with local air providers to assist in similar situations.

“If we can get an air asset, while keeping police and public safe, we’ll use that option. It’s the safest option by far.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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